Ludus Session (60mins)

Our core class and the foundation on which Ludus Magnus stands. High-Intensity, metabolic conditioning at its best and most original. Remember PE class back in high school? You hated it right? Funny how things come back full circle. Ludus Magnus School of training has taken that boring PE class and turned it into the most exciting, innovative, and challenging workout you can get. 

Ludus Grind Session (30mins)

The Grind is 30mins long but don’t be fooled by the shorter duration. These classes are designed to pack a higher intensity into half the amount of time so that you can get in and out when you can’t fit the regular sessions into your schedule. Don’t expect any water breaks during the Grind, be prepared to hit it hard and hit it fast. 

Ludus Combat (60mins)

A popular class on our timetable Combat has been a mainstay at Ludus since we opened. Rod McSwain, MMA fighter and titleholder, Heads our fantastic team of Combat trainers. You’ll receive expert coaching to help you perfect your striking, and movement.  The classes are power-packed with high intensity stand-up drills that combine elements of boxing and kick-boxing in a friendly, controlled, and encouraging atmosphere. 

Ludus Burn Session (60mins)

We’ve brought the best of three disciplines into one class with Burn. 20mins of Combat, 20mins of Ludus, and 20mins of Yoga. Perfect for those who are looking for variety and balance within their workout.  

Ludus Sculpt (Girls only-30mins)

This workout will tone and shape you in all the right places. This session is dedicated to getting Ludus ladies that bikini body they always wanted. 

Ludus Mojo (30mins)

Designed to make sure you never lose your Ludus Mojo. We take so much out of our body and this class will make sure you give back. We use foam rollers, massage balls, and stretch bands to help you lengthen, stretch, and smooth out those sore muscles to keep your body supple and balanced so that you can keep getting the most out of your Ludus sessions. A massive compliment to your weekly training schedule.