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Mon / Wed 7am 60mins


Build strength and work on your lifting technique with dedicated strength sets. Follow our 6 week strength building program - next round starts Monday 12th July in line with the Ludus 6 week challenge.



Tue / Thu 7pm, Sun 4pm

Yin style yoga with a focus on relaxation, rejuvenation, and recovery through long deep holds in yin style poses. Held in our dedicated yoga studio to allow for a complete separation from the high intensity Arena. 



Wed 6am, 930am, 1230pm, 6pm / Fri 1230pm 45mins

High Intensity Intervals with a focus on plyometrics, power, and anaerobic conditioning.  Don’t expect too many breaks during Burn, be prepared to hit it hard and hit it fast. 



Tues / Thu 6pm, Sat 8am(60mins)

A popular class on our timetable Boxing has been a mainstay at Ludus since we opened. Rod McSwain, MMA fighter and titleholder, heads our fantastic team of combat trainers. You’ll receive expert coaching to help you perfect your striking, and movement.  The classes are power-packed with high-intensity stand-up drills that combine elements of boxing and also kickboxing in a friendly, controlled, and encouraging atmosphere.



Wed / Fri 12PM (30mins)


As Ludians, we push our bodies to the limit during workouts. But sometimes it’s hard to reach our full potential if we lack the flexibility/mobility to allow us to get the most out of the class. It can also be dangerous to train at such a high intensity if we're carrying chronic injuries. It's important that we continue to rehabilitate from such injuries but also, it is equally important to prepare the body with specific exercises and tools that help prevent further injuries. This 60 minute class combines deep stretching and the use of prehab tools like foam rollers and massage balls to help bulletproof your body and minimise your risk of future injury.



WED 4PM / SUN 10AM (60mins)

A must for high school rugby players looking to improve their game. We work on the extras to take you to a higher level of conditioning, strength, and skill as well as helping to develop the mental skills you need to progress to higher levels in the game.   



Mon / Tue /Thu 5.15pm / SUN 8am (45mins)

Banging tunes and high intensity cycling intervals on top of the line Schwin Spin Bikes. A great alternative HIIT session for those wanting to get some cardio in without any high impact on the joints. 

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