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Set your    goals, follow your    plan, earn   your    results.

The Ludus 8 Week challenge is your guided fitness journey. A chance for you to set some goals and work hard over 8 weeks to achieve them with our support and guidance. 



The MyZone Heart Rate monitor is an essential element of our Challenge. It will monitor your daily efforts and give you weekly opportunities to win prizes. Click on the pic above to order your monitor from our shop. Use your exclusive 8 week Challenge Discount Code issued when you register.



Our team of Coaches will guide and support you all the way along with your fellow Ludians. You are joining a vibrant community ready to sweat it out alongside you. Weekly exercise prescriptions will guide your training schedule and these will be created in your training consult during Orientation.


Your Journey

This is your journey and we will make sure that your specific personal goals are catered to. Orientation week includes an Intro workshop, a 1 on1 nutrition consult, and a goal setting consult. We will also test your fitness on Day One so that have a benchmark to work from. 

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